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We feel it's important for you, as our client, to know what to expect from us as we provide veterinary care to your pet. That is why we recently adopted the following mission statement and core values.

Mission: Backlund Animal Clinic provides professional and compassionate care for pets; improving health, longevity, and quality of life through comprehensive veterinary services.

Core values:
Quality - We provide excellent and thorough healthcare for your pet. Quality of service is our highest priority.
Innovation - At Backlund Animal Clinic, we strive to implement the latest technologies and methods for treatment. We blend multiple and diverse procedures to achieve optimal outcomes for each patient.
Transparency - We believe open discussion with clients leads to successful treatment of the patient. Our transparency on all diagnostics, treatments, costs and outcomes empowers our clients to make the best healthcare decisions for their pets.
Respect - Every owner has individual goals and varying resources to provide care for their animals. At Backlund Animal Clinic, we earn our clients' respect by respecting our clients.
Empathy - The veterinarians and staff at Backlund Animal Clinic are your peers as animal lovers and pet owners. We understand the difficult decisions and sacrifices necessary to provide the best possible care for our animals.

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