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Treatments and Benefits

Canine Rehabilitation and Wellness offers the following services for your pet:

Passive Range of Motion Therapy

  • Improve joint mobility and flexibility

  • Stem-cell Therapy

    • Long lasting pain control

    • Regenerate damaged tissue


    • Improve circulation

    • Relieve pain

    • Improve muscle stretch and joint flexibili


    • Improve circulation and muscle relaxation

    • Reduce pain

    Heat Therapy

    • Increase circulation

    • Increase flexibility

    Cold Therapy

    • Decrease swelling

    • Reduce pain and inflammation


    • Increase local blood flow

    • Improve tissue healing and function

    • Relieve pain

    Joint Mobilizations

    • Realign joints

    • Improve mobility

    • Reduce pain

    Dry Land Treadmill

    • Improve muscle strength and endurance

    • Improve cardiovascular health

    Therapeutic Exercises

    • Improve core strength and balance

    • Increase muscle strength and flexibility

    Therapeutic LASER

    • Reduce scar tissue formation

    • Improve circulation

    • Reduce pain

    Underwater Treadmill

    • Earlier initiation of rehabilitation

    • Improve muscle strength and endurance

    • Improve cardiovascular health

    Neuromuscular Stimulation

    • Improve muscle strength

    • Prevent muscle atrophy

    • Reduce pain

    Medical Management

  • Medications and joint supplementsmay
    be prescribed to reduce pain,
    improve nerve function,
    and improve joint health.